Our Expertise

Green Dome Investments will create a unique market space and provide a platform to a global player with local roots.

  • Green Dome Investments identifies market gaps and focuses on creating a unique portfolio to change the regional sector for value added logistics services.
  • Green Dome Investments fills the growing market need for outsourced specialised services currently managed in-house to create the perception of supply chain control.
  • Green Dome Investments has a focus on Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates as well as the wider GCC.
  • Green Dome Investments has a unique Board with diverse and highly valuable experience in various sectors of the logistics market. All Board members are industry leaders in their own fields.
  • Green Dome Investments supports businesses to grow organically in addition to bolt-on acquisitions when necessary to expand market reach and regional growth.
  • Green Dome Investments sets growth rates based on a buy and build model that focuses on the middle market, while keeping founders-managers at the helm of operations.

Why work with Green Dome Investments

  • If your company is ready to scale up but lacks funding for growth.
  • If your company or shareholders believe in strategic alliances to maximise value.
  • If your company believes there is room for operational improvements but lacks resources or expertise.
  • If your company believes in long term investments in order to build a stronger and more competitive company.
  • If you as business owner would like to stay involved with operations and grow the company.
  • If your shareholders want to achieve a more lucrative valuation and exit.